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Logistics Simulation and Optimization Tool

anyLogistix (ALX) is a unique tool for supply chain and logistics simulation and optimization in regard to management decision-making support. AnyLogistix is an easy-to-understand tool that can be used by management students and professionals without any programming background.

Using ALX, it becomes possible to develop real life examples in classroom in regard to the most important SCM domains such as:

  • Facility Location Planning (Center-of-Gravity Method for Single and Multiple Locations; Network Optimization using Mixed-Linear Programming)
  • Capacity Planning of Distribution Centers
  • Inventory Control Policies and Ordering Rules • Sourcing Policies (Single and Multiple Sourcing)
  • Transportation Policies (LTL, FTL)
  • Batching in Transportation, Production, and Sales
  • Bullwhip Effect and Ripple Effect Analysis in the Supply Chain

The Global Supply Chain and Operations Management Group at HWR Berlin is Competence Center for anyLogistix. If you would like to use anyLogistix in teaching, research or practical projects, please contact Prof. Dr. Dmitry Ivanov (divanov@hwr-berlin.de)

More information about ALX can be found here.

The AnyLogic handbook is available for download. Please click on the following link.